The ToDI system

As the name suggests, ToDI was inspired by the well-known ToBI (Tone and Break Indices) system for transcription of intonation for American English (Beckman and Ayers 1994). However, ToDI differs sufficiently from ToBI to warrant a different name. In particular, ToDI focuses on the transcription of tones, and does not deal with various degrees of boundary strength. That is, there are no break indices in ToDI. ToDI employs two boundaries. One, the utterance boundary, is implied in this course at the end of most examples, while the other, the intonation phrase, is explicitly transcribed. The user is otherwise free to apply any boundary transcription system in combination with ToDI.

ToDI also differs from two earlier systems for the transcription of Dutch Intonation:

This course assumes no familiarity with any of these systems. Its primary aim is to introduce the ToDI system to you, and to help you become proficient in intonation transcription in a relatively short amount of time.

However, this is not a course in phonetics. It is assumed that you have some background in phonetics and phonology, and are familiar with speech analysis tools used in phonetic research.

The synthesis rules for F0 and duration were especially developed for this course by Joop Kerkhoff. The segmental speech files were produced with the help of the MBROLA diphone synthesis program (Dutoit et al, 1996).

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