Low rises

Low rises begin with L*. There are three subtypes: low rise with H%, low rise without H%, and the low low rise. The first two differ only at the end at the IP, where the low rise with H% has an extra rise: L*H % vs L*H H%. These two subtypes will be compared with the level tone (H* %) and the high rise (H* H%). Distinguishing among these four contours is sometimes difficult, in particular when the accented syllable is IP-final. Remember that one way of determining contours is to add unaccented syllables to the final syllable, something people can do subvocally.

After an exercise dealing with the four contours mentioned above, the course continues with the pre-nuclear occurrence of the low rise, and with the low low rise, the third subtype. This type, transcribed L* H%, begins low and stays low, until the end of the IP, where a rise occurs.

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